Marketing is fundamentally simple.

As long as you have a clear plan of execution.

Discovery how the simplicity of the Z Marketing System can help you systematically grow your business.

Use this roadmap to help you set up your marketing processes.

Marketing is expensive and time-consuming when you don’t have the right strategy.

Imagine going on a journey. You know where you’re heading. You’ve got all the tools and gears, and the team had been brief.

But here’s the problem… nobody can make sense of the map.

That’s going to lead to costly mistakes, and without proper milestones, you won’t even know if you’re doing the right things, let alone heading in the right direction.

The same goes for your business.

That’s why having a marketing “map” is critical. And not just any plan that you can get off the shelf, because you and I know that each company is different.

Your marketing “dashboard” is different, because your customers, products, services and business models are different.

When it comes to marketing plans, stop looking for a one-size-fit-all solution.

Instead, look for a strategy that works in your favour, as you leverage your unfair advantage to become the Market Leader of your industry.

Take a sneak peek at how we help clients build their “maps”.

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My mission is to empower business owners and their teams to systematically grow your business, without complicated funnels, overwhelming tech or expensive campaigns.

Maverick Foo

The Marketing Monk

If you’ve been in business for a couple of years, you’ve probably got some “low hanging fruits” or untapped assets, waiting to be monetized.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Maverick, and over the last 19 years, I’ve built 9 businesses and helped others grow theirs too. Specially in the area of marketing and authority building.

 If you want to:

🌟 Stand Out from the competitive marketplace

🌱 Stay Fresh in your prospects’ minds

💰 Seize new opportunities to generate new profits

 …let’s jump on a 25-minute Brainstorm Call and identify some opportunities that you can work on.

What’s up with the monk thing?

Well, believe it or not, I used to be a Buddhist Monk. A samanera, to be exact. Kinda like a monk-on-training.

And it’s on the temple grounds that I learned the value of simplicity.

You see, if your marketing message is not clear enough for your customers, they won’t buy.

If your marketing plan is not clear enough for your teams, they won’t follow.

If your marketing strategy is not clear enough for yourself, you won’t grow.

Marketing is my profession, but you want to know what’s my passion?

Making things simple and clear for others.

Just like my masters who guided me during my monkhood days, in profound and simple ways, I want to do the same for business owners too.

So… how can I help you simplify your marketing plans?


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