Marketing is fundamentally simple.

As long as you have a clear plan of execution.


Discovery how the simplicity of the Z Marketing System can help you systematically grow your business.

As a matter of fact, you can start by taking the 4-minute Future-Ready Marketing Scorecard. (You can finish it before your next song!)

Complete this scorecard & get your full personalized report + recommended resources.

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4 minutes to save you 4 years!

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Marketing is expensive and time-consuming… if you don’t have the right strategy.

Imagine trying to brush your teeth one day, and realized the water is dripping super slow. Looks like there are some problems with the pipes.

The WRONG way is to smash down walls and replace all the pipes. Sure, you get a new piping system, but that will just be way too expensive (time- and money-wise)

Now, imagine having an X-ray device that can help you scan the pipes, and pinpoint the sections that need replacement. And you just fix that section. The water is running smoothly again, and it didn’t really cost you that much.

In the case of your business, the piping system is your sales funnel, and that “X-ray device” is our Future-Ready Marketing Scorecard.

Over the last 21 years, I’ve seen so many business owners and entrepreneurs build out an entirely new marketing funnel praying that it will fix their sales problems. But a lot of times, the problem is just a small part of the funnel, and that’s where the resources should be focused on.

So put on your favourite song, Start The Scorecard, and by the end of the music, your personalized marketing gap analysis report will already be sitting in your email inbox. We’ve even included some recommended resources and suggestions to get you started.

My mission is to empower business owners and their teams to systematically grow your business, without complicated funnels, overwhelming tech or expensive campaigns.

Every two months, we run a 2-Day New Profits Marketing Masterclass to help businesses Set Up, Speed Up & Scale Up their Customer Attraction and Market Positioning, even if they are new to marketing.

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Maverick Foo

The Marketing Monk

If you’ve been in business for a couple of years, you’ve probably got some “low hanging fruits” or untapped assets, waiting to be monetized.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Maverick, and over the last 21 years, I’ve built 9 businesses and have consulted MNCs, SMES and startups to grow theirs too. Specially in the area of marketing, sales enablement and authority building.

If you want to:

🌟 Stand Out from the competitive marketplace

🌱 Stay Fresh in your prospects’ minds

💰 Seize new opportunities to generate new profits

 …let’s jump on a 25-minute Brainstorm Call and identify some opportunities that you can work on.

What’s up with the monk thing?

Well, believe it or not, I used to be a Buddhist Monk. A samanera, to be exact. Kinda like a monk-on-training.

And it’s on the temple grounds that I learned the value of simplicity.

You see, if your marketing message is not clear enough for your customers, they won’t buy.

If your marketing plan is not clear enough for your teams, they won’t follow.

If your marketing strategy is not clear enough for yourself, you won’t grow.

Marketing is my profession, but you want to know what’s my passion?

Making things simple and clear for others.

Just like my masters who guided me during my monkhood days, in profound and simple ways, I want to do the same for business owners too.

So… how can I help you simplify your marketing plans?


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