Save At Least 1.5GB from your HDD space (Mac User only)

Since the launch of SSD, Apple and other manufacturers seem to have this excuse to price the device super high for the small size that you get. If you’re using a MacBook Air or some “canggih” models of MacBook Pro, then chances are you may run into times when you run out of space.

Porn vids, season 1 of How I Met Your Mother that you’ve been meaning to watch, MS Word docs since 1997 are just some of the files that can potentially be on your kill-off list, but before you do, why not clear off some other stuff that’s greedily holding your precious space? Unless you’re multi-lingual polyglot Apple fanboy,chances are you only use your Mac for one (English) or two languages.

Why not delete the other 87 language packs you are never gonna use?

Here‘s a nifty tool for that, and I just saved 1.7GB space off my main drive, thanks to it.

Check it out!


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