What are startups running from?

At the end of this blog post, I predict that two things will happen. And if you’re the smart ass who thinks, “Better scroll to the end now and read them predictions!”, then I’ll predict something else.

You’ll scroll back up here again.

Yup, welcome back.

Here’s the thing. Over the few years, I have to admit that the number of “startup entrepreneurs” are increasing, and initially, I felt proud. You see, when I started doing this glamour thing called entrepreneurship over a decade ago, hardly would I meet people my age. (Yeah, one of the reasons why we started KICKSTART back then was because I’m tired to seeing entrepreneurs my dad’s age at networking events. They so love to wear those ties and suits.) But now, I do. May it be at an event at an awesome hall, a meetup at the top floor of a tall building or at a workshop deep in the hearts of Cyberjaya, I see youngsters dominating the crowd, and that made me feel happy.

For a while. Until you deep dive a bit.

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Why don’t we charge for KICKSTART?

The short answer but would probably come off as cocky – Cos we don’t need to.

But for the longer answer, I need to tell some grandmother story (No grandmas were harmed in the writing of this)

And so the tale goes… At last night’s KICKSTART, there were a total of 502 registrations on one platform alone. We didn’t count those outside of Eventbrite. Frankly, if we had charged RM10 per pax, we would have made RM5000 clean.

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