What this local startup did after pissing me off

This all happened within a month, and I thought in the spirit of Fuckupnights, we can all learn from the incident.

Who’s the startup you ask? Piktochart.

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Hacking Emails & Events, and rock the shit out of ’em

Ok, let me just say that this presentation at the 1AES Growth Hack Labs was no way for me dicking-off, showing the wizardry I have around events and email writing. Just that over the past few years of running KICKSTART.MY, FuckUpNights KL and other various workshop, creative email copywriting accounts to over 83% in the success of filling up those events. In this workshop I’ve shared stuff that has worked for me, cutting-off the BS around email and events marketing, and basically, yeah, dicking-off lar. 🙂

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The Worst KICKSTART and The Wish That Came True

It’s 7.30pm. Hundreds of KICKSTARTers were already in the Hall of Awesomeness. Unlike the previous KICKSTARTs we had ran for the past two years, there wasn’t hip hop music blasting through the speakers. The usual video loop of our great community sponsors were not being projected. Cameras weren’t setup, registration was messy, and every one was in the dark.

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