The Signs We Justify and/or Ignore

People say that signs are everywhere, that they are all around us,
And we would see them had we been more conscious,
But signs are also funny things you see,
They can totally mess with your mind, if you let them be.

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WIP: Eyes

Every time I look into your eyes, I see happiness I am denied,

A glimpse of dreams fulfilled, a glance of life perfected,

But then I looked away, forcefully breaking the connection,

Thus is my ever-constant struggle with these emotions,

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2012 Didn’t End (us all)

Guess what, people, the world didn’t end in 2012,
Blockbuster apocalyptic John Cusack movies should have just be shelved!
But hey, give the Mayans a break, they just wanna give us a scare,
So we’ll temporarily forget about our real-life nightmares.

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